We have only one World and we have to take care of it!We spent all our days looking for new materials and something able to improve ourself and our concept of ethically responsibleHave you ever heard of coffee shell leather? We are so excited about it!The amount of work behind this material is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! The coffee cherries are picked and through a mechanical process separated from the pulp and the outer skin. After a period of fermentation the mucilage and the parchment beans and letting to dry and debulling. The super cool part of this work is that nothing gets wasted: the hull and silverskin of the coffee is used to create the coffee shell leather and the roasted beans… well… who’s craving like us for a good cup of coffee?This is our new coming soon line, here at Odilynch, and important moment for us that is celebrating the official birth of ODILEAF, our amazing new 100% vegan line!This is just the beginning, keep yourself tuned in!