Such a crazy unforgettable stressful scary year. This 2020 is one we will never ever forget. But now Yuletide is around the corner. We've been smelling the warm scent of Xmas in the air since Mid-October.

So go on make yourself a warm spiced latte and get shopping!

This is the time to spoil you and your loved ones after a tumultuous year.
Yourself and your loved ones with something you've had your eye on all year

What are the colours to compliment your outfit and your fashion tastes?

Navy is a must have in any of its shades. Deep navy or slightly lighter, navy is the colour of the great traveller in you . Scrunchy or smooth navy leather is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. If you find yourself carrying around a wallet that's too big or too small then then check out our huge range of wallets and purses to compliment your bag

Our Madamzel Wallet in Navy leather is the perfect gift for a Navy lover. Made in awesome scrunchy or smooth cow leather, it's a must have for the everyday life. Tired of carrying around a wallet too big for your bag? Minimalist is the word of the year, so why not choosing a Trifold in the same color?

Purple is the most luxurious color on the market. You will NEVER look cheap with a purple item! It is synonimous of royalty, pride and grace. Mysterious and expensive. In this period of the year that reclaims celebration, the one who needs to be celebrated is just you and the ones you love! It doesn't matter what you will match your outfit: monochromatic or mix and match it will looks stunning! And what is perfect with purple? Brassy colors of course, with their warm goldish shades. Our Large Dublin ClipPurple is the bag of the Y-E-A-R. We cannot describe to you properly how good this bag is. One of our favourites, simply a purple legend! Big and full of pockets, it is easy to match and carry. A royal worthy gift!

The colour of Christmas for excellence: Red

Be a real Queen of Heart this year, rule in the street and at parties with something able to describe your inner fearless flame. Secure, passionate, sexy, these are a few words to describe someone using red in fashion. Whoever uses red wants to be recognised for what they really are: Fashion slayers!

They know what they want and they want it now. The warm tone of the cracking fire of the Christmas candles will be reflected perfectly on the goldish buckle of an Isabelle Red. A big family full of colors and sizes, but this is the perfect season for two of the most worthy sisters of the family: Medium and small Isabelle bags.

Minimal and simple, but able to shock you with their space and versatility. These bags are like a Tardis: they looks small but in reality you can fit everything in them! A wide and smooth foldover closing, perfect to be caressed during the day like a trusty companion.

The last color of our list is the one that better will rappresent our future: Green

We do really hope that this hard year will end soon, we will all be able to find a ray of hope and light at the end of this long tunnel. Stay together as much as possible, stay close to the one that you love most. Little arguments are meaningles compared to the giant scope of Christmas, this is the season for love and forgiveness.

Green is the favourite color of nature, it brings joy and hope. Green, in any shade will be probabily the colour of the decade, not only of the season. It will create a great impact in the fashion industry as it is now more important than ever to think about our planet. Enjoy our amazing line of apple and olive green items, they are the perfect gift for a nature lover. Our best daughters of this year for you are Amelie Bag, Large Evanna Bag and Small Evanna wallet. This is a legendary trio. Our Amelie Bag doesn't need big presentation, we are simply saying that it is the perfect match between style and comfort. It's slanted front pocket is a status symbol, same for its adjustable strap. Amelie Bags brass fittings are longstanding pieces of handmade art.

Large Evanna bag is the best companion for someone that hates big bags but, at the same times, wants to carry everything around. It comes with two different straps, perfect to be interchanged between each other. The wrist strap is amazing for the evening, the long one for the day.

The best last touch of good taste? Small Evanna Wallet in Apple color. A wallet that represents 100% the soul of our brand. This piece of art is always very hard to restock for us so we can simply define it a limited edition. Few pieces everytime, all perfect and beautiful. Inside: load of spaces for cash and cards, outside a clip pocket for changes. Fashionable and everlasting.

Are you on the naughty list this year? Don't worry, we are here waiting for you anyway!

Just start shopping now for this festive season and enjoy our wide range of gifts for you and the one you love most.

Happy Yuletide!

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