The story goes that either diamonds or dogs are our best friends – but if you believe that to be true then you can’t have met the Amelie Backpack! This gem is constructed from real leather, features a waterproof lining and readily converts from a bag to a briefcase so is always ready to anticipate your needs. This backpack is the perfect companion to store your daily items – but what should you always have in your Amelie? Read on for 3 backpack essentials that may surprise you:

1. An empty reusable water bottle

There are vast benefits to drinking water, such as a faster metabolism, healthier skin and improved digestion. We’re commonly recommended to consume at least two litres of water a day, and the best way to remember to do so is to carry an empty water bottle at all times, ready to be refilled. Not only will you be benefiting your health, but also the planet, it’s a win-win! And what better bag to store your bottle in than our Amelie Backpack in dark bottle green?

Amelie Backpack Dark Green

2. A trusty paperback

We’re all so used to scrolling through our phones for entertainment, but now that most of our lives are lived through our devices, it’s not the greatest environment when you’re looking to relax and escape for a bit. That’s why keeping a compact novel or autobiography in your bag is the perfect daytime essential, allowing you to temporarily step into another world for a moment of relaxation during your busy day. Books are also great conversation-starters; you never know who you might meet with the right book!  Try out the Amelie Backpack in stylish purple  if you’re looking to make an even better impression on your new acquaintance.

Purple Backpack

3. Your loved ones (no, really!)

It’s likely that you’ll be wearing your trusty Amelie backpack while out-and-about and away from home and those you love. Whether you’re popping to the supermarket or going further afield, the value of keeping a sentimental momento or photograph in your bag at all times cannot be overstated. It could be just the pick-me-up you never knew you needed - just like how the Amelie backpack in apple green is the fall fashion essential you also never knew you needed, check it out!

Amelie Backpack Apple Green

What essential items do you keep in our bag? Head to our social media pages to let us know, we’d love to hear from you @odilynchdesigns