As style icon Audrey Hepburn once said, “there is a shade of red for every woman”, and she was not wrong! Red is the colour of passion and empowerment that demands attention, but in a subdued shade can also signify a regal, dignified elegance. No matter what your personal style, read on for five reasons why we think you deserve to look ravishing in red this autumn:

Red is powerful

Red is a colour of strength, serving as an assertive call to action, from the red cloaks of the Spartan warriors to the red power suits of modern politicians like Michelle Obama. If you are looking to reclaim your power, look no further than our Biker Jacket in red, beautifully crafted in real leather and guaranteed to make you feel like a boss!

Biker Jacket Red Leather

Red is loving

From roses to love hearts, red evokes feelings of love, and this does not necessarily have to be towards a significant other. In these times, showing love for your friends and family has never been more important or rewarding. That being said, the elegant and compact Amy Purse in passionate red is the perfect reminder to show love to those you care about whenever possible.

Amy purse - Red

Red gets you noticed

The “red dress effect” is a claimed psychological phenomenon, which argues that wearing the colour red makes you appear more attractive. We believe there aren’t any rules to looking and feeling your best, but it cannot be denied that red is definitely eye catching. If you are looking to turn heads while out and about, there’s no better choice than our spacious but small red leather Doctor Bag!

Doctor Bag Small Red Leather

Red is energetic

Like the blood that runs through our veins, or bubbling volcanic lava, red is the colour of energy and vibrant life. It refuses to sit still! As the weather gets colder and nights get darker, this is the perfect time to add something to your wardrobe that will put some pep in your step – like our Mini Jilly Red! This gorgeous piece converts from a hip bag to a crossbody with ease, so is primed and ready for any occasion.

Mini Jilly Red

Red is festive

Is it too soon to countdown to Christmas? The festive season may be looking a little different this year, which is the perfect reason to go all out, and end the year on the most positive note possible. Our beautiful red leather Isabelle Saddle Bag is the perfect companion to keep you merry – pass the eggnog!

Isabelle Saddle Bag Red Leather Medium

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