We hope you have enjoyed our purple themed week on social media (follow us @odilynchdesigns)! Purple is the colour of royalty, and as we are all going through stay-at-home restrictions, it is important to take care of our physical and mental wellbeing, treating ourselves like the kings and queens we are. So read on, for a wrap-up of some of our favourite purple items that were highlighted this week, alongside some practical self-care tips.

 Try to keep a routine

Being thrown out of our usual day-to-day schedule can feel extremely disorientating and impact productivity. Creating and sticking to a realistic daily or weekly routine will not only keep you active, but also help structure your day and keep you balanced. You could choose to copy your usual 9-5 routine, or even schedule a daily lunchtime trip to the shops – accompanied by your handy Pamela tote of course, the perfect stylish-yet-spacious shopping partner.

Pamela Shoulder Crossbody Bag

Keep talking

Keeping in touch with family, friends and colleagues will help with feelings of isolation, and it can also be useful to talk through your experiences. Most of us speak to at least one other person during our normal day, so try and reach out and use these support links when you can. Penny for your thoughts? Check out the Evanna Wallet crafted in sumptuous purple leather featuring a classic clip frame – simply gorgeous!

Evanna Clip Wallet Purple Leather 

Be kind to yourself

Just like the  Jilly, which can flexibly change from a bumbag, to a crossbody or a clutch, we can expect our moods to shift too as we go through these times. Peaks and troughs are normal within reason, and whether feeling up or slightly down, try not to be so hard on yourself. Taking things a day at a time is a great solution if things are getting overwhelming – you can do this!

Jilly Bumbag Purple Leather

Treat yourself

Planning small indulgences for yourself can help lift your mood and provide things to look forward to. It could be something simple like a nice bubble bath with scented candles, a tasty dessert, or even some online retail therapy. Our treat recommendation? The stunning Isabelle Saddlebag, crafted in a classic 70s pattern – a timeless bag in our very own unique purple shade.

 Isabelle Saddle Bag Medium Purple

We hope you found these tips useful, we’d love to hear from you! Chat to us at @odilynchdesigns